FindElement(By.AttributeValuePair(string attribute, string value))

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FindElement(By.AttributeValuePair(string attribute, string value))

B shah
Hi Folks,

Apologies if this question/request comes across as silly or if it has been asked before, but I need to get it off my chest none-the-less :)

It would be awesome if the "By" class had a method to search for Custom attributes/value pairs. The method would look something like By.AttributeValuePair(string attribute, string value) OR even better By.AttributeValuePairs(params string[] attributeValuePairs). 

Usage would be something like FindElement(By.AttributeValuePair("id","loginButton")) or  if there's more than one search criteria FindElement(By.AttributeValuePairs("id","loginButton","text","Login"))

This could (sort of) eliminate the presence of long magic strings from page object classes (i.e. xpath & css selectors) as well as make the search criteria more readable to an extent.

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