How can I verify the value of a variable?

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How can I verify the value of a variable?

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Hi all,

I am able to verify the value of a certain text element, using VerifyText. If the text is not as expected, the testcase fails.

Besides VerifyText there is also a command StoreText, which stores the value in a variable. After using that, I am able to display the value by command echo. Fine.

Using variable would be great feature, if I can verify that the value of a variable is as expected, for example if the correctness of a value in the first page can only be evaluated when I have seen onother value in the second page:
- in one page store the text of some elements in some corresponding variables,
- then go to another page and do something there, maybe also store some text in variables,
- finally (when the original text elements of the first page are no more visible in the browser) verify that the elements have shown the expected text by verifying the variables.

I assume there must be some command which can be used like:
VerifyVariable     ${firstElement}    First Text

How can I implement such a check?

Best regards