Need help with diagnosing the issue of an infinite loading popup

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Need help with diagnosing the issue of an infinite loading popup

I'm currently taking an online math class and the class uses a website called "Launchpad" which is a tool that lets us do homework and take quizzes online. When doing the homework, you get an infinite amount of tries per problem (and problems usually repeat the exact same question with exact same numbers) so I'm trying to build a Python script (for fun) that would brute force each problem and do the homework for me. I wanted to also build a cool pattern detection algorithm as an alternate if brute force fails but this is beyond the point. This is just some background into what I'm trying to accomplish.

The issue is, I'm able to login fine, and navigate my way to the assignment tab. However, when I press 'enter' on the actual homework assignment, I get an infinite loading popup (see attached images for more specific detail).
I need help diagnosing what this means...If I just go in the same selenium browser myself and click the button it loads fine. I dont know if this is an issue of not clicking on an element properly or rather an issue of Launchpad detecting selenium and not allowing access (which could be the reason clicking on elements wasn't working at all). 

If anyone could help diagnose the problem that would be great. 
And if the problem is that Launchpad is just detecting selenium, is there a workaround there for me?

*one thing to note that might be important, whenever I try actually clicking an element of the page it does not work. I tried action chains and just clicking through driver, neither worked. This is why I'm using tab's and pressing enter on the elements I want to click on.*
*Im using newest chromedriver*
*Language: Python*
*There isnt a way for anyone to reproduce this without having an access code to launchpad*
*In the picture of the code, all it does in there is press 'tab' and 'enter' to make its way to the assignment*

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