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Recorded Click fails

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Hi all,

I use Selenium IDE to execute a test in a browser application.

My page HTML contains a tab sequence; HTML code snippet:
<div context="catalog_types_details" class="dialog">
        <div class="dialog-title">Catalogue Type Details</div>
        <div class="dialog-content">
                <div class="tabbed"><ul class='tab-control'><li class='tab-control-tab' rel='general_information'>General Information</li><li class='tab-control-tab' rel='vendor_information'>Vendor Information</li><li class='tab-control-tab' rel='type_configuration'>Type Configuration</li></ul>

I want to click on "Vendor Information" and recorded this via Selenium IDE. The recorded command is:
Click    //div[@id='__sizzle__']/ul/li[2]

But playing this testcase generates the error:
[error] Element //div[@id='__sizzle__']/ul/li[2] not found

Ok, the page really does not contain any __sizzle__. I tried several ideas to click, all failing with [error] Element .... not found
Click    id="Vendor Information"
Click    id='Vendor Information'
Click    id=Vendor Information
Click    //a[text()='Vendor Information']
Click    //rel[text()='Vendor Information']

How can I find out a proper syntax to click this element?

Thanks and best regards