RemoteDriver (IE) ignores provided capabilities (nativeEvents=false) (3.3.0) C#

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RemoteDriver (IE) ignores provided capabilities (nativeEvents=false) (3.3.0) C#

I faced with very weird case during usage SeleniumGrid (web driver version 3.3.0)

With RemoteDriver (Ie11 was launched on nodes) some of my tests constantly fail with exception:

OpenQA.Selenium.ElementNotVisibleException : Cannot click on element (WARNING: The server did not provide any stacktrace information)
Command duration or timeout: 93 milliseconds

Once locally these tests are 'green' all the time.
Then in exception log returned from RemoteDriver I noticed list of capabilities:

Driver info:
Capabilities [{se:ieOptions={browserAttachTimeout=0.0, ie.enableFullPageScreenshot=true, enablePersistentHover=false, ie.forceCreateProcessApi=false, ie.forceShellWindowsApi=false, ignoreZoomSetting=true, ie.fileUploadDialogTimeout=3000.0, ie.useLegacyFileUploadDialogHandling=false, nativeEvents=true, ie.ensureCleanSession=true, elementScrollBehavior=0.0, ie.browserCommandLineSwitches=, requireWindowFocus=false, initialBrowserUrl=http://localhost:41538/, ignoreProtectedModeSettings=true, enableElementCacheCleanup=true}, browserName=internet explorer, pageLoadStrategy=normal, javascriptEnabled=true, version=11, platform=WINDOWS, unexpectedAlertBehaviour=dismiss}]

Here nativeEvents=true which is strange as in DesiredCapabilities for IE the nativeEvents has 'false' and then used for RemoveWebDriver.

Additionally, to make sure if nativeEvents is really cause this exception I run same tests locally with enabled nativeEvents - got same exception.

Some additional analysis:
Once session is created on Grid node - used capabilities are ok in log:

07:20:03.240 INFO - Executing: [new session: Capabilities [{nativeEvents=false, ie.ensureCleanSession=true, enablePersistent
Hover=false, browserName=internet explorer, ignoreProtectedModeSettings=true, version=, platform=WINDOWS}]])
07:20:03.334 INFO - Creating a new session for Capabilities [{nativeEvents=false, ie.ensureCleanSession=true, enablePersiste
ntHover=false, browserName=internet explorer, ignoreProtectedModeSettings=true, version=, platform=WINDOWS}]
Started InternetExplorerDriver server (32-bit)

But anyway exception occurs and returned from node log has nativeEvents = true :(

Also found related to this topic, but can't see solution here.

Can you please help to solve it?

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