Selenium Recorder 0.6 Released

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Selenium Recorder 0.6 Released

Shinya Kasatani
I am pleased to announce the release of Selenium Recorder 0.6.
This new version now supports loading and saving test case files.

It is available at

Here is a detailed list of changes:
* Loading and saving test case files
* For loading test case files, "pattern" option has been added to
support formats other than HTML.
* New grid-like "editor" view
* Supports editing in both editor view and source view
* user-extensions.js is configurable
* Embedded Selenium 0.6.0
* Compatible with Firefox 1.5 RC1 (should work in future 1.5.0.*
versions of Firefox)

I would especially like to thank Keenan for contributing sample codes
for loading/saving and tree-based editing support.

There's one more thing I'd like to announce.
Selenium Recorder will be merged into a new project called Selenium IDE.
In this project, we will be merging Selenium Recorder and Selenium Editor.
Selenium Editor can be found at

It will be hosted at the new toplevel project called OpenQA - the
website will be up soon.
I will still support Selenium Recorder for bugfixes and small changes,
but major changes will be done on Selenium IDE.

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