Selenium WebDriver for Chromium derivates (Comodo Dragon)

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Selenium WebDriver for Chromium derivates (Comodo Dragon)

Matthias Wenzel

Currently I´m developing an app for web control using C# and the ChromeDriver API on MS Windows 10.
The web browser I use in the moment is SRWare Iron, also a Chromium derivate. It works perfectly, but I want to change the browser.

I want to enable a selenium web driver connection for the browser Comodo Dragon for the future, but there is a problem:
The driver cannot recognize the installed chrome version. Seems to be unsupported by current Selenium ChromeDriver.

Now the question:
Is there a way to establish a connection to control a Comodo Dragon web browser, using a Selenium web driver?
If possible, how can it be done?

Best regards

Matthias Wenzel

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