Selenium error in Python3, element reference is stale; no longer attached to DOM, not in the context

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Selenium error in Python3, element reference is stale; no longer attached to DOM, not in the context

Saif Ayan Khan
OSX High Sierra
Selenium Version:  
3.12.0, Selenium Web Driver

I am trying to web scrap

After giving a search value, and pressing enter/return, I am getting a list of predictions, from which either I need to either double click on any of them or right click and select the fourth option from the context menu.

I am doing this for multiple searches, by passing the words in a list and entering each list item in the search box. The error is not coming for the first search result, but from the second.

The list that I have to select from I am giving as an output with indices from where the user can select, the code that does the selection is as follows - 

    for entry in inputs:
        inputElement = driver.find_element_by_id('ext-gen86')

        options = driver.find_element_by_class_name('x-grid3-scroller')
        optionText = options.text.split('\n')
        dictDis = {}
        for i,j in enumerate(optionText[1::2]):
            print (i+1, '-', j)
            dictDis[i+1] = j
        selection = input("Enter the indices you want to incorporate as patient's features separated by a space - \n").split(' ')
        for index in selection :
            text = '//*[contains(text(), "' + dictDis[int(index)] + '")]'
            toclick = driver.find_element_by_xpath(text)
            while True:
                if (toclick == driver.find_element_by_xpath(text)):
                    toclick = driver.find_element_by_xpath(text)

The above if else was just an experiment to see if it works.
I have even tried it in an infinite try except loop like

    while True:

Also I have tried giving explicit and implicit waits, but of no avail.

The same error pops up whether I use multiple different classes, or any other identification, tried path with searching for text, etc for the item to be selected; but everyone threw the same error. In the code above I am double clicking on it, but also right clicking and selecting option doesn't work.

The error is - 

    The element reference of <div id="ext-gen620" class="x-grid3-row x-grid3-row-selected "> is stale; either the element is no longer attached to the DOM, it is not in the current frame context, or the document has been refreshed

P.S. - I have tried every possible solution given in a google search result upto 5 pages and also while typing the question title, I went through all the predictions that StackOverflow gave as might have my answer. In short all they say is wait for it. I did, nothing happens.

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