Selenium ie driver useperprocessProxy problem

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Selenium ie driver useperprocessProxy problem

ismail şahin
hi, im using this code ;

 Dim ieoptions = New InternetExplorerOptions
        Dim proxy = New Proxy
        proxy.Kind = ProxyKind.Manual
        proxy.IsAutoDetect = False
        proxy.HttpProxy = proxy1
        proxy.SslProxy = proxy1
        proxy.FtpProxy = proxy1
        ieoptions.Proxy = proxy
        ieoptions.UsePerProcessProxy = True
Dim driver As IWebDriver
driver = New InternetExplorerDriver(ieoptions)

But if i use useproxyperprocess then proxy not working, ie driver working with auto proxy. if i delete " ieoptions.UsePerProcessProxy = True" this code in my project then proxy working and changing all browsers proxy. How can i fix it?

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