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Selinium with https

As a part of regression testing, we need to setup cross platform tests i.e its a 3 o/s X 3 app servers. It doesnt make sense for me to deploy my testrunner cases within the context of each of these app servers on multiple platforms. I will have issues in script maintenance. I would like to definitely work remotely (not using selinium-rc but plain selinium). Our application supports only IE & https.

Now herebelow are a few questions:
a) I have written up the basic test cases as a proof of concept and unfortunately realized they dont run on https.
b) I cannot use Firefox IDE to run them because I want some controller, that runs all the tests and reports results and also our app doesnt support firefox.

I have google searched & within this forum and haven't seen anything that strikes me as helpful.  If someone can direct me in how I can overcome this issue, that would be great. I did seem someplace that https support is on its way and I see a conflicting forum post that https support is already there.

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