Webdriver affecting/changing the web pop-up's display

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Webdriver affecting/changing the web pop-up's display

Alvin Gabriel
Hi All,

So we have created an automated script that will tick a checkbox. 
Once ticked a web pop-up will display with a Yes/No button on it asking if you want to proceed with the next steps.
However when run automated using selenium a "white blank web pop-up" is displayed instead.

Have you experience a similar scenario before?

See below details:
* What version of Selenium are you using ? 3.0.1
* Do you have the link to a public facing site which can be used to reproduce the problem (or) atleast a complete HTML page source of the page ? - Not possible, resctricted client
* What flavor of browser are you using and what is its version ? - IE, Version - 11.0.9600.18665
* Operating system name and version. - Windows 7 64-bit
* Details of the error/stacktrace etc which shows the details of the problem you are facing. - None

Additional details from DEV:
Users open the application in IE11 compatibility and per the code logic the application will get to compatibility mode of IE8 version.

Appreciate any response feedback on this.


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