XML is not generated in Firefox started by selenium 2

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XML is not generated in Firefox started by selenium 2

Qa Qa
selenium 2.53 + firefox 47.0.1 

My test to test XML can be successfully generated: 
1. select link
2. open in new tab (no way open in the same tab)
3. replace value inside URL
4. reload page with new URL and observe XML generated in browser window

trying to generate XML in browser window. 
Firefox does require additional URL encoding (as it decodes in some custom way)

However encoded URL entered in manually started Firefox browser successfully triggers XML
But Browser, started by selenium 2 gets the same URL and a page is blank

Tried different mode (like safe and regular) - no difference, manually able to get XML 

Also - selenium opens a new Window instead of new tab and multiprocessing is not supported as well.
So, tried to switch to the previous window (old session) and enter encoded URL in previous session but it wont work as well

Please help to pass this scenario. 


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