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dragular and selenium/protractor

Duyet Mai
Sorry if i bother you. However, after researching i cannot find any solution. 

My company project  is using ng2-dragular for drag and drop block. It's a really cool plugin. I really like it. But as an Automation QA, i'm getting a big trouble with it. I cannot do automation test for this block. Unfortunately, this is an essential part and i cannot skip this part. I'm looking for a work around solution but get no luck as well.

I created a topic in stackoverflow but it seems to be that i cannot get any solution from it. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/44205616/cannot-drag-and-drop-with-protractor-in-website-using-ng2-dragula

Because i see protractor in dragular package json so i suppose that dragular is also using protractor for testing? If yes, could you please share with me the solution and if not, could you provide my some hints to solve this issue (workaround solution is also good)

Thank you.

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