geckodriver 0.16.0 released

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geckodriver 0.16.0 released

Andreas Tolfsen
I’m pleased to announce the release of geckodriver version 0.16.0.

geckodriver is the Mozilla implementation of the WebDriver remote
control interface for Gecko, and provides an HTTPD proxy that
translates the WebDriver protocol to Marionette.

The release binaries can be found in the usual place:

You can consult the change log for a record of all notable changes to
the program:

In this release we’ve made great strides in W3C WebDriver
conformance, especially with new session negotiation through support
for alwaysMatch/firstMatch.  For backwards compatibility, we have
not yet removed desiredCapabilities/requiredCapabilities which is
being used by the large corpus of Selenium clients.

On the topic of Selenium, 0.16.0 is only compatible with Selenium
3.4 and greater.  See the README, which in the occasion of this
release has been expanded with usage instructions and more examples,
for a more complete background on client and Firefox compatibility:

On a more technical note, we have aligned the returned error codes
with those mandated by WebDriver; a number of deprecated endpoints
have been removed; we’ve put in place a compatibility fix for
Element Send Keys so that it should again work with the most recent
Selenium clients and Firefox version 53 and greater; and we’ve fixed
issues ranging from profiles to proxy configuration to IPv6 support.

Bugs can be filed on GitHub, but we ask that you take the time to
test with the latest Selenium client and Firefox Nightly before you
file a report:

When you submit your bug report, we ask that you include a trace-
level log from geckodriver.  This makes it much easier to triage.
The logging verbosity can be increased by either starting
geckodriver with the -vv flag or passing in the following as a

          {"moz:firefoxOptions": {"log": {"level": "trace"}}}

WebDriver implementation status can be tracked on MDN, and covers both
geckodriver and the Marionette remote control protocol:

Finally, I would like to call out Jason Juang and Marc Fisher (of
Google), and kirhgoph, for contributing fixes and bug reports to
this release.  Their help has been invaluable.

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