geckodriver 0.19.1 released

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geckodriver 0.19.1 released

Andreas Tolfsen-2
I’m pleased to announce the 0.19.1 patch release of geckodriver.

geckodriver is the Mozilla implementation of the WebDriver remote
control interface for Gecko, and provides an HTTPD proxy that
translates the W3C WebDriver protocol to Marionette.

The release binaries can be found in the usual place:

It was discovered that the 0.19.0 release unhelpfully overwrote
stacktraces from Marionette with Rust backtraces.  This made it
difficult for us to diagnose bugs.  This release restores the old
behaviour so that stacktraces originating from Marionette are
returned for errors.

You may consult the change log for a full record of all notable
changes to the program:

As with the 0.19.0 release, we recommend Firefox >= 55
and Selenium >= 3.5 with this geckodriver.

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