read selenium chrome Network event read in c#

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read selenium chrome Network event read in c#

Aakash Joshi
I am using selemium with c# for chrome.. i want to read data from developer tools network event Image is here Which i want to read . I am unable to read.. here is code which i use to read.

Here is code
        ChromePerformanceLoggingPreferences perfLogPrefs = new ChromePerformanceLoggingPreferences();
        perfLogPrefs.AddTracingCategories(new string[] { "" });
        //perfLogPrefs.IsCollectingNetworkEvents = true;
        //options.PerformanceLoggingPreferences = perfLogPrefs;
        capabilities.SetCapability(CapabilityType.LoggingPreferences, perfLogPrefs);
        capabilities.SetCapability(ChromeOptions.Capability, options);
        options.AddAdditionalCapability(CapabilityType.EnableProfiling, true, true);

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